Landscape Committee


The Landscape CommitteLandscape Committeee meets monthly to assist and advise the OCA Board of Directors and Community Manager in all aspects of landscaping responsibilities throughout the entire community, including all landscaping services such as planting, maintenance, and necessary replacement of trees, grass, plants, bushes and shrubs on all common areas surrounding association buildings and private homes, including the slopes, rockscape and xeriscape.

The committee completes regular, scheduled walk-throughs of the community, and maintains contact with Unit Advisors to determine needs within their areas of responsibility.

Through a designated contact, they ensure that all work established in the landscape contract is completed, and they review landscape work orders that are not covered under the landscape contract.

Contact:  Ray Jacobs at (623) 680-1475 or click to email.

Read the Landscape Committee Charter

What’s Happening in Our Community

The Landscape Committee normally meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00PM in the Clubhouse Auditorium. Agenda items for the next meeting must be received ten days prior to the meeting.

Committee Members

Ray Jacobs, Chair

Bruce Cowgill

Janice Hoople

Larry Lepley


Board Liaison

Joan Jefferey


Board Executive Committee

Joan Jefferey

Charlie Wendt