Only 30 days to review!

The Architectural committee has presented changes to our Board of Directors that their committee would like to see become part of the architectural guidelines.  Whenever an owner at OCA wants to change or improve their property, they need to get approval from the architectural committee and sometimes board approval, too.  For each kind of change there are guidelines to follow.  You don’t need approval for painting your walls, but things like electrical or plumbing changes, installing a new roof, or adding solar panels require architectural approval.

Owners now have 30 days to review and suggest changes to the proposed addendum. A copy of this addendum has been mailed and will arrive at your home soon.   Please take the time to read this over carefully and make any suggestions/changes that you support and send your comments to Patricia Orlando in the main office.  You can take your suggestions into the main office or you can send your comments to Patricia at

A copy of this addendum is also available on the OCA website ( – Forms – Standing Documents)