OCA-TV Committee


L to R: Shirley Clinton, Phill Feeney, Sondra Johnson, Andy Johnson, Marilyn Thorell

OCA-TV is an Association cable TV channel under the direct supervision of the Board of Directors, broadcasting over Channel 1960.

The OCA-TV Committee meets monthly and is open to all residents. The Committee reviews proposed slides and video, evaluates new technologies applicable to its purpose, and makes recommendations to the BOD.

There are many volunteer opportunities at OCA-TV:

  • Monitors do the daily updates and maintenance of the slide show
  • PowerPoint supporters create new slides as needed
  • Technical experts advise on updating equipment and software and do computer maintenance
  • Scheduling experts schedule the various shows
  • Videographers tape BOD meetings and special events
  • Video editors create new videos or edit programs
  • Photographers take pictures of Oceana activities for posting in slides

Contact: Colleen Eidson (760) 529-9999

Read the OCA-TV Committee Charter

The OCA-TV Committee normally meets the 3rd Friday of each month at 1:00PM in the Administration Office Conference Room. Agenda items for the next meeting must be received ten days prior to the meeting.

Committee Members

Open, Chair

Mario Badua


Board Liaison

Steve Graves