1- Oceana Television is an all-volunteer service, THAT CURRENTLY NEEDS VOLUNTEERS! to the resident community of Oceana. The station is operational 24/7/365 days a year, the main studio is located in the Oceana Community Clubhouse. During normal circumstances it is operated locally from that location for “LIVE” on site broadcast events.  INTERESTED VOLUNTEERS PLEASE CONTACT BOARD LIAISONS ANITA ROMAINE OR KELLY BYRNE.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

2- Oceana Television Programming consists of

    • Community Events
    • Poets & Writers Corner
    • Scheduled Meetings
    • Bulletins and Announcements
    • Special “LIVE” Program events
    • Travel & Leisure
    • Music to Relax By
    • Open Programming (Exercise Classes, Art Shows and Pre-recorded events etc.) (When available).
    • San Diego County Events & Programs of Interest (when available).

5- Schedules will be posted and shared via  the OCA Email Weekly Announcements, oceanaseniors.org web site and on OCA TV.

Note: Programming is subject to change without notice. The station is operated with a volunteer staff and their availability to attend to matters that concern operation and programing.


Committee Members:

Geoff Allison

Lee Mansis

Steve Milligan

Theresa Loverro


Board Execuitive Committee:

Anita Romaine