Book Club


Book Club

Top of the Hill Book Club was created by María Teresa Fernández in 2008. Since then many books have been read and many absorbing discussions have followed.

The group as it stands at this time (July 2009) has 10 members, and we would like to keep it small, i.e. twelve members in total.

Books to read are chosen by all the members drawing the names from writer’s prizes such the Pulitzer prize, Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction, The Man Booker Prize, lists from New York Times bestsellers and personal recommendations. Though most of the books are contemporary fiction we sometimes choose a classic, and when appropriate, a nonfiction book.

We have a blog as a tool to use when there is a need, for example when a member is unable to attend or just for fun. One of the members posts a summary of the meeting.

The Book Club meets in the Clubhouse Library at 10:00 AM on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. If you need more information please call Darene Hague at (760) 967-7008, preferably in the evening.