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Oceana News


General News

Summer Special Event for All OCA Residences

August 13th  1-3pm

Ice Cream Social is Saturday from 1 to 3 and it is free.

Join in the fun… 🙂

Coyote Awareness


Two coyote families (mothers, each with three pups in training) were trotting up Vista Bella from the dog park. As I drove back up the hill, I passed a woman and her son walking down Vista Bella with two dogs—one very small. I told them about the pack of coyotes and urged them to turn around and head back up the hill, which they did.
Oceana residents need to be reminded again that since there are coyotes living in that canyon, we need to be very careful when walking small dogs—especially at night.
Patricia McArdle
Safety Committee
Covid Exposure

The Office was exposed to Covid today. Protocol would have us close but, we will just keep the doors closed and locked. If you need immediate attention, we will be available if you call the office. We are here to assist you, but please be patient with the office as we get through this protocol for Covid exposure.

Stay safe and healthy,
Scott Humberstone
General Manager – OCA

Emergency BOD Unity 10 Painting Meeting

Community Updates – August 12th, 2022


 The OCA Community Resource Center (CRC)Grand Opening is Scheduled for August 19 From 10-noon.

The Grand Opening for the new OCA Community Resource Center is finally here!  Join us for the ribbon cutting ceremony on August 19 from 10 am to noon in the clubhouse lobby. The OCA Community Resource Center, (aka CRC) will house both the new Neighbor Helping Neighbor community references as well as the Computer Center, (formally the Computer Lab), now housed in the CRC.  Hours for both programs are posted on the doors of the center.

Drop by to browse the CRC and learn what we are all about.

Please Download the PDF Attachment

1. Weekend Fun

2. OCA Trim Rotation – Bright View Landscaping

3. August 2022 Bright View Landscaping Calendar

Update for the Aladdin Project – Ceramics

We found our New Kiln in stock at a local retailer. Your donations gave us this opportunity. We need $2300 more in donations to close the deal for the venting system, taxes, delivery and installation. A celebration will begin when we complete our project. Donations can be made at the office for checks.


Sincere thanks for all your help.

“Never follow anyone else’s path. Unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path. Then by all means follow that path.”
—Ellen DeGeneres

On behalf of the OCA Office, thank you for helping us, help you! We are here to assist you to the best of our ability. It is always best to request assistance through your AppFolio account, but always feel free to Email: or call us: 760-757-3937


Sincere thanks for all your help.