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Healing Arts and Sign Language Classes

Learn more about these classes on the Upcoming Events page.

March 18th OCA Annual Meeting Video
OCA Office Management Update

Each month at our board meetings we give an update on these topics, however we have received many inquiries as to the latest status.  Please find that information below.

General Manager Search
The GM position has been posted for two months and we have interviewed several candidates.  We have two excellent finalist candidates that are both highly qualified and will anticipate making an offer this week.  We wanted to make sure to have a thorough interview process to find a good fit for our community.  Thank you for giving us the time to do so.

HOA Management Company Exploration
The committee exploring the possibility of hiring a HOA management company is composed of 3 board members, candidates, committee chairs and homeowners.  After sending the RFP to 15 companies, OCA was fortunate to receive 6 proposals.  The committee used objective rubrics to evaluate and score the proposals.  The top three companies were interviewed last week.  The companies will now be challenged with presenting more detailed information on how they can provide excellent service and how OCA can afford them with the 2023 budget.  The committee is preparing a report for board consideration at the March 29 general session. 

NOTE: These processes do work hand in hand and it is important to understand that if we chose to utilize an HOA management company, they will absorb our staff, including our new GM, to provide continuity. 

We hope you found this helpful!
OCA Board of Directors

Ballot FAQs

 1. Where do I mail my ballot to?
Please use the preaddressed postage paid envelope that was provided to you. See question #4 below on how to obtain a new replacement package.

2. Can I drop off my ballot at the Association Office or drop it in the payment box?
No, please mail your ballot to the address listed in question #1. The association will not be responsible for lost or stolen ballots.

3. Can I drop off my ballot on the day of the Annual Meeting?
Yes, registration of hand delivered ballots will begin at 12:30 p.m. PST on the day of the meeting (March 18, 2023). The meeting will be called to order at approximately 1:00 p.m.

4. My ballot was lost/destroyed, where do I get a replacement?
You can obtain your replacement package by going to www.hoaelectionexperts.com and click on the “Ballot Replacement” tab for a replacement package. The Association Office does not have replacement packages.

5. What happens if I forget to sign my name and include my lot address on the return envelope?
Your ballot will be disqualified.

6. Should I turn in my ballot in even though I wish to not vote?
Yes, because this helps the Association reach quorum to proceed with the Annual Meeting. Your ballot is needed. Please return it even if you do not wish to vote in the election; you can simply mark the option that states “I abstain from voting”. We thank you for your cooperation and participation in this voting event.

7. When is the deadline to mail my ballot to ensure it gets counted?
To ensure that your ballot is counted, please make sure it is received by the HOA Election Experts office by mail no later than 5:00 p.m. PST on Friday, March 17, 2023. Alternatively, members may hand deliver their ballot to HOA Election Experts LLC during at 12:30 p.m. PST on Saturday, March 18, 2023 to 550 Vista Bella, Oceanside, CA 92057 (Clubhouse Auditorium).

8. What is the IRS Tax Resolution 70-604?
The purpose of this ruling is to allow the association to avoid taxation on any excess income that may inadvertently arise in a given tax year.

9. What is the address to drop off my ballot in person prior to the meeting date?
HOA Election Experts LLC
C/O Oceanside Community Association
6371 Haven Ave Suite 3-281
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737

Canyon Wildlife Magazine - Issue #1

Anthony Kay, a resident and member of the Garden Club, has created his own magazine about the canyons of Oceana. Great information and beautiful pictures of the wildlife. Check it out here.

2022 Events Summary

Charlie Wendt wrote a great summary of 2022 events and coffee hour highlights. You can read it here.

Free TaxAide at Oceana

(Sponsored by IRS/AARP Grants) February 1, through April 12, 2023

Please schedule your tax appointment by calling 760-757-3937.

Tax prep packets are in the OCA management ofice and must be filled out before your appointment. A review of your information will be done in the library and the tax prep done in another area. Please wear your mask. Your taxes will be completed by IRS/TaxAide Certified preparers.

Room Scheduling

Simone Mitchell at the office (email smitchell@ocaoffice.org) is now in charge of scheduling rooms in the complex. Please contact her to reserve a room.

Hilltop Highlights