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Dedication of the Oceana rocks Garden – July 17, 2021

The Garden has been named!

The name was chosen this morning at Coffee Hour- July 1st.  The votes were counted in front of the Bingo group and announced by Anita Romaine the winning name.

OCEANA rocks Garden
There were 52 votes cast in the ballot box.  28 wanted Oceana rocks, 12 wanted Hilltop Harmony, and 8 wanted The Peaceful Path. 
Thank you one and all who participated in this event.  All the residents that helped enter their name for the rock garden, all the UA that chose the top 3 names.  Then all the interested folks that wanted their choice of name.  A united effort!!  Good show!!!
Anita Romaine


There has been a paint supply train disruption and a manpower issue which has stalled painting.  We are hoping it will be resolved soon.

Vote for your favorite name in the “Name That Garden” contest!

The final tally of the ‘Name that Garden’ contest was chosen by the Unit Advisers – we have three names for all residents to choose from.  Here they are:
Hilltop Harmony
The Peaceful Path
Oceana rocks
The ballot box is in the clubhouse along with the ballots.  Please choose one and put it in the box.  They will be counted on July 1st at the coffee hour.  A sign will be made with the winning name and the unveiling of the sign on July 17, Saturday, time TBA.  Notices will be sent out to the community.
Come on down and vote for your favorite name – please one vote per person.
Thank you,
Anita Romaine

Unit 2 – Landscape Update – 5/7/2021

Just a quick Friday message to let homeowners know what’s happening. Currently the thatch is being removed and or scalped and dethatched for restoration. Planting will continue in areas as they are prepared. There will be some work on sidewalks as part of this process. Can’t promise a finish date but we know it’s getting closer. Thank you for your patience. We know it has been a long time getting done and understand your frustration.  

Covid Precautions

A message from the President of the Board:

According to our understanding of the CDC Guidelines, vaccinated adults are now allowed to meet in groups indoors using reasonable precautions.  Specifically, the guidelines say that such vaccinated adults are not required to wear facemasks at all times in such indoor activities.  Therefore, in the time until June 15, we ask community members to wear facemasks when entering or leaving meetings or activities or when in close contact with a group of people.  Once settled into a room with social distancing in place, the masks can come off.  Anyone who is uncomfortable with this approach or is unvaccinated should continue to use full precautions as up to now.  

OCA will re-open totally on Mon., May 3rd!

You may begin meeting again with your activities starting May 3rd at the same time and location that you did in the past.   You may not make any changes to either time or location without approval from Karen Walter in the OCA Office.

A Gift from LaBahn’s – revamped corner monument

Thank you, LaBahn’s!

This newly revamped monument area at the corner was a gift from LaBahn’s, esp. Ron Zaccaro and Gregg Fonseca. The breaks in the curbing were done by a previous landscaper to allow excess water buildup to escape. 

OCA TV Unavailable

OCA TV is temporarily unavailable because of a power outage non-scheduled shutdown resulting in non- operational status. Check back on this page for updates.

OCA TV Schedule for the week of April 5, 2021

                                                       Week of April 5 2021

Update as of, Saturday, April 3, 2021                 OCA TV Schedule

  • Poets & Writers Corner
  • Weekly Community Bulletins & Announcements with music to relax by {Updated Weekly}
  • 2021 Oceana TV Art Show with music to relax by {Updated Weekly}
  • Exercise Class: 5 Minute Tai Chi Beginners Lessons 1, 2 & 3 {30 minutes in length}
  • Arcadia TV
  • Open Programming {Non-Scheduled} Pre-Recorded Event:

                Oceana Board of Directors General Session Meeting

           Held on March 31st 2021 @ 9:30 AM DST   {2 Hours 48 minutes}





Help Wanted and NEEDED

As we now begin resuming activities in our community after the long covid shut-down, we need to find volunteers to fill the committees and run the many activities in our busy community.  Here’s a partial list of the help that’s needed. 

If you would be willing to help, please fill out a “Volunteer Application Form,” available in one of the boxes in front of the office or elsewhere on this website (Click to go to the Volunteer Application Form).  Or inform the office (760-757-3937; Click to email the office at or our Board President John Vogt (760-519-7554; Click to email the BOD President at

Help needed includes:

LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE – 3-4 new members, including a chairperson

STRATEGIC PLANNING COMMITTEE – up to 5 members, including a chairperson

OCA TV – 4 members for tasks like running the video-camera at Board meetings

LAND LEASE COMMITTEE – 1 member, preferably with a $15/month lease

OCEANA SENIORS EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM (OSERT) – nurses, EMTs, safety experts to call on in case of an emergency

WEBSITE COMMITTEE – 2-3 new members, including a chairperson


              3 new committee members to help plan activities and parties 1 hour/month

  Share and Wear – 8 people to work in the store 4 hours/time

  Party helpers — 5 people, ca. 7 parties/year, mostly Saturday afternoons

  One person to plan restaurant Happy Hours


We can be sure there are other needs beyond the ones just listed, but filling these will give us a good start at being ready for the full resumption of community life!


Please step in and serve your neighbors?