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Community Updates – 3/28/2020


Annual Meeting Update
The Board of Directors held an Executive Meeting on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.  The Board agreed to further suspend the  annual meeting until the coronavirus crisis passes, Governor’s Orders are relaxed, etc. Once the Annual Meeting is held, ballots counted, the new directors will be announced and new directors will be  seated.  Until then, existing directors remain in place.

The decision to suspend the meeting includes the responsibility of the Board to comply with the Governor’s Executive Order, the Boards responsibility to conduct a fair and open process with consideration of candidates, ballot counters, inspector of elections and homeowners.   (The bylaws do allow for officers to continue to hold office until successors have been selected and qualified.)
Further updates will be provided as events change….

  • The use of the  pool, clubhouse and group activities are suspended until further notice. 
  • Committee Meetings and General Session Meetings are suspended until further notice.
  • The office is closed to walk-in traffic but is available by phone Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 3:00pm.  The administrative and maintenance team are working on a reduced staff schedule.

Please check the OCA senior’s website and OCA -TV for further updates.  OCA-TV will be used to provide emergency notifications to the community if necessary.

Office:  760-757-3937,,,
Community website:
The Maintenance team is working on a daily basis to clean and sanitize the doggie stations, the benches through the common area of the property, community mailboxes, etc.
Thank you for your understanding and patience during these unusual times.  Stay safe and healthy.

Do not walk on the Emerald Isle Golf Course

The Emerald Isle Golf Course has requested that residents refrain from walking on the course.


Even during early hours they are performing maintenance on the grounds. Non-golf-play walking on the property is dangerous for the resident and a liability to Emerald Isle. 


Please respect this request for your own safety; the course is open for golf and busy.

2020 Annual Meeting Postponed and Employee Staffing Information

March 20, 2020

Dear Homeowners and Community Members

Annual Meeting

On the guidance of the Association’s legal counsel and the approval of the Board of Directors, the Annual Election Meeting has been cancelled.

The meeting will be postponed for a minimum of two weeks in order to comply with the Governors stay in place order.  If the order to stay in place continues, we will look to live stream the opening and counting of the ballots by the inspector of elections on a date announced in advance to the community. (Board Members and Nominees would teleconference into the meeting and turn over to the inspector of elections to lead and tabulate the count.)  

The results would be announced and then posted by email, website, OCA-TV, and the community bulletin boards.  The organizational meeting would take place at a later date. 

Per the attorney, the inspector of elections determines the ballot cut-off day and time.  I have discussed this with Ken Rishe, and he has determined that ballots can be placed in the business office drop box up until 8:00 am Monday, March 23, 2020.


Employee Staffing

Additionally, on the guidance of the Association’s legal counsel and on the governor’s executive order and the critical infrastructure guidelines there is a legal argument for limited staffing of the business office and maintenance department.  Every attempt should be made to comply with the order, so the staff will be reducing /rotating shifts, beginning Monday, March 23, 2020. 


Residents can contact the business office between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00pm daily.  The staff will accept work requests via phone, email and fax.  Priority and emergency requests will be scheduled and completed by a reduced team.  Low priority and long-term projects will be placed on hold until further notice.


Business Office Phone:  760.757.3937   Fax:  760.757.8177      email:, OR 

Please use the emails above in place of personal email addresses due to the fact that we will have a reduced staff,  The general mailbox addresses are monitored by numerous staff members. 

Thank you once again for your understanding.   Please stay safe and healthy!

No Pickleball Dates and Times

Because the Auditorium is otherwise scheduled, there will be no Pickleball on the following days/times:

Pickleball is canceled until further notice.

Oceana Wildlife Update “Coyotes and rats and rattlesnakes! Oh My!”

Since our coyote neighbors have been a recent and heated topic of discussion in Oceana, we’ve been learning some practical ways to protect our pets and make our community less attractive to them.  Don’t leave garbage, dog food or any edibles outside ever (this includes bird seed which attracts rats and rabbits—the coyotes favorite food). Discard all overripe fallen fruit, since this also attracts rats and rabbits.  Don’t leave bowls of water outside (Note: standing water also attract mosquitoes).  Never leave pets outside unattended—remember, there are no fences in Oceana. Always keep Rover on a short leash and don’t walk him on the side of the street closest to the open canyon areas where the coyotes live. 

A few residents have also recently reported seeing rattlesnakes in our community. Just like the coyotes, rabbits and rats, rattlesnakes are also native to this region and they’ve all been living here for hundreds of thousands of years.   Here are a few safety tips for avoiding contact with this deadly reptile. If you are gardening or out for a walk do not reach into a bush where there might be a rattlesnake nest.  Don’t let your dogs run into a bush where they might get bitten.  If you have to take Rover out for a walk after dark, carry a flashlight and watch your step. Snakes are cold blooded and sometimes like to warm themselves on the pavement in the evening. 

Share & Wear is NOT CLOSING!!!!!


Ever hear a rumor that was SO untrue that you wondered how it started?  Well we’re here to
dispel the rumor that Share and Wear is closing!

Changes are coming to Share and Wear, and we’re definitely refining some aspects but we’re NOT CLOSING!


As of October 1, 2018, Share and Wear will be still be open:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 11-2 p.m.


And as of October 1, Oceana residents and guests of Oceana residents will be welcome, but non-residents will only be able to shop at Share and Wear accompanied by an Oceana resident.  Unfortunately, this is due to ADA restrictions, which we are compelled to abide by.  Guests of Oceana residents must be accompanied BY Oceana residents. 
***BUT here’s the good news! EVERY First SATURDAY of the month will be “SUPER SATURDAY” which means everything is 50% off (except jewelry) and the public is welcome! For those of you who work weekdays, the FIRST SATURDAY will be YOUR day to come shop our styles at the Boutique and find your treasures at the Annex!  We even provide you with BAGS, unlike other California retailers, so NO NEED to drag the bags down!  
Listen up!

 ALL the wonderful activities here at Oceana are what makes OUR Oceana special and unique… do you realize that? We have over 40+ activities: clubs, meet ups, parties, off site events, get-togethers….  No other affordable retirement community offers this much to their residents, and you know WHY?  Because of YOUR donations and purchases at SHARE & WEAR!!!!!!   You probably do not realize how many hundreds of dollars Share & Wear nets Oceana in order to fund EVERY activity we have here, did you?!!  Well, the loss of revenue would cause a tsunami for us, so COME ON DOWN – donate and DEFINITELY SPEND  ??!!!!

Many of your neighbors have NO idea what Share and Wear is or even that it exists!  PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD by doing 3 things now:
1.  Dispel the rumor ?
2.  Spread the new hours⌚
3.  Bring your guests and yourself and SHOP, SHOP, SHOP!??
You’ll be donating to YOURSELF and your community at the same time.  AND, did we mention that we’ll be open to the public EVERY FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH?! Spread the word like wildfire! ??We have some of the BEST merchandise around!!! Come see!!!    
Be like Paul Revere and alert your neighbors: “Share & Wear is coming, SHARE & WEAR IS COMING!!”??   And be like Uncle Sam and tell others “Share & Wear Needs YOU!”☝
Come take advantage of what THIS OCEANA offers, and be a part of the solution to keep the variety of what we DO offer GOING by your donations and purchases!  We need EACH OF YOU to make Share & Wear a continuing success!!  


Pickleball Update

Pickleball meets every Monday and Tuesday at 2pm in the auditorium for Open Play for ALL skill levels. Additional Open Play is available, also in the auditorium, at 1:45pm Fridays and 1pm Saturdays. The Friday and Saturday times are new. Until more people realize these times are available there may or may not be enough players. 

Tuesday mornings at 9am are reserved for Advanced Players. Please use your own judgement as to whether you are ready to join this group.

Private Games with friends of your choice may be held any time Open Play is not scheduled and the court is available. Court time may be reserved on the clipboard in the pickleball gear box. Remember, if two parties arrive to play at the same time, the party with the reservation gets the court. If you would like to schedule a standing private game (same time every week) please contact Steve Reigle.


Visit the Pickleball page for ongoing information.

pickle ball group 2016

Emergency Evacuation Assistance

Do you have an Oceana friend or neighbor who will need help evacuating in case of emergency? Please click here for information on how to make us aware of their need.