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OCA TV is down indefinitely. It is not known at this time when it will again be available.

Dedication of the Oceana rocks Garden – July 17, 2021

The Garden has been named!

The name was chosen this morning at Coffee Hour- July 1st.  The votes were counted in front of the Bingo group and announced by Anita Romaine the winning name.

OCEANA rocks Garden
There were 52 votes cast in the ballot box.  28 wanted Oceana rocks, 12 wanted Hilltop Harmony, and 8 wanted The Peaceful Path. 
Thank you one and all who participated in this event.  All the residents that helped enter their name for the rock garden, all the UA that chose the top 3 names.  Then all the interested folks that wanted their choice of name.  A united effort!!  Good show!!!
Anita Romaine


There has been a paint supply train disruption and a manpower issue which has stalled painting.  We are hoping it will be resolved soon.

Vote for your favorite name in the “Name That Garden” contest!

The final tally of the ‘Name that Garden’ contest was chosen by the Unit Advisers – we have three names for all residents to choose from.  Here they are:
Hilltop Harmony
The Peaceful Path
Oceana rocks
The ballot box is in the clubhouse along with the ballots.  Please choose one and put it in the box.  They will be counted on July 1st at the coffee hour.  A sign will be made with the winning name and the unveiling of the sign on July 17, Saturday, time TBA.  Notices will be sent out to the community.
Come on down and vote for your favorite name – please one vote per person.
Thank you,
Anita Romaine

Unit 2 – Landscape Update – 5/7/2021

Just a quick Friday message to let homeowners know what’s happening. Currently the thatch is being removed and or scalped and dethatched for restoration. Planting will continue in areas as they are prepared. There will be some work on sidewalks as part of this process. Can’t promise a finish date but we know it’s getting closer. Thank you for your patience. We know it has been a long time getting done and understand your frustration.