As we now begin resuming activities in our community after the long covid shut-down, we need to find volunteers to fill the committees and run the many activities in our busy community.  Here’s a partial list of the help that’s needed. 

If you would be willing to help, please fill out a “Volunteer Application Form,” available in one of the boxes in front of the office or elsewhere on this website (Click to go to the Volunteer Application Form).  Or inform the office (760-757-3937; Click to email the office at or our Board President John Vogt (760-519-7554; Click to email the BOD President at

Help needed includes:

LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE – 3-4 new members, including a chairperson

STRATEGIC PLANNING COMMITTEE – up to 5 members, including a chairperson

OCA TV – 4 members for tasks like running the video-camera at Board meetings

LAND LEASE COMMITTEE – 1 member, preferably with a $15/month lease

OCEANA SENIORS EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM (OSERT) – nurses, EMTs, safety experts to call on in case of an emergency

WEBSITE COMMITTEE – 2-3 new members, including a chairperson


              3 new committee members to help plan activities and parties 1 hour/month

  Share and Wear – 8 people to work in the store 4 hours/time

  Party helpers — 5 people, ca. 7 parties/year, mostly Saturday afternoons

  One person to plan restaurant Happy Hours


We can be sure there are other needs beyond the ones just listed, but filling these will give us a good start at being ready for the full resumption of community life!


Please step in and serve your neighbors?