Ever hear a rumor that was SO untrue that you wondered how it started?  Well we’re here to
dispel the rumor that Share and Wear is closing!

Changes are coming to Share and Wear, and we’re definitely refining some aspects but we’re NOT CLOSING!


As of October 1, 2018, Share and Wear will be still be open:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 11-2 p.m.


And as of October 1, Oceana residents and guests of Oceana residents will be welcome, but non-residents will only be able to shop at Share and Wear accompanied by an Oceana resident.  Unfortunately, this is due to ADA restrictions, which we are compelled to abide by.  Guests of Oceana residents must be accompanied BY Oceana residents. 
***BUT here’s the good news! EVERY First SATURDAY of the month will be “SUPER SATURDAY” which means everything is 50% off (except jewelry) and the public is welcome! For those of you who work weekdays, the FIRST SATURDAY will be YOUR day to come shop our styles at the Boutique and find your treasures at the Annex!  We even provide you with BAGS, unlike other California retailers, so NO NEED to drag the bags down!  
Listen up!

 ALL the wonderful activities here at Oceana are what makes OUR Oceana special and unique… do you realize that? We have over 40+ activities: clubs, meet ups, parties, off site events, get-togethers….  No other affordable retirement community offers this much to their residents, and you know WHY?  Because of YOUR donations and purchases at SHARE & WEAR!!!!!!   You probably do not realize how many hundreds of dollars Share & Wear nets Oceana in order to fund EVERY activity we have here, did you?!!  Well, the loss of revenue would cause a tsunami for us, so COME ON DOWN – donate and DEFINITELY SPEND  ??!!!!

Many of your neighbors have NO idea what Share and Wear is or even that it exists!  PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD by doing 3 things now:
1.  Dispel the rumor ?
2.  Spread the new hours⌚
3.  Bring your guests and yourself and SHOP, SHOP, SHOP!??
You’ll be donating to YOURSELF and your community at the same time.  AND, did we mention that we’ll be open to the public EVERY FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH?! Spread the word like wildfire! ??We have some of the BEST merchandise around!!! Come see!!!    
Be like Paul Revere and alert your neighbors: “Share & Wear is coming, SHARE & WEAR IS COMING!!”??   And be like Uncle Sam and tell others “Share & Wear Needs YOU!”☝
Come take advantage of what THIS OCEANA offers, and be a part of the solution to keep the variety of what we DO offer GOING by your donations and purchases!  We need EACH OF YOU to make Share & Wear a continuing success!!