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The HUB – Communication Committee

The purpose of the Communication HUB is to ensure that the Oceana community is informed, engaged, and educated about news and events, as well as the needs and benefits of living in Oceana.

They work closely with the HOA Board, association management, committees/clubs and interested residents to coordinate community communications and to ensure community outreach is timely, accurate, and consistent.

Any community committee/club, association / community management, or resident can notify The HUB of a communication need by submitting a simple request form that outlines an event/ important information to be disseminated. The Communication HUB chair assigns the work requested to the appropriate committee members. When completed it is forwarded to the appropriate communications channel for distribution throughout the community.

The HUB CORE committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at 2:00 in the community room.


Gail Olenick, Chair

Virginia Mann, Secretary/Digital Coordinator

Caryn Leventhal, Website Coordinator

Sandy Riser

Ellen Marciel

Pam Spangler, Print Coordinator

Lisa Olivero, Website Photographer


Geoff Allison

Lee Mansis

Lisa Olivero

Anita Romaine


Kathleen Dowling

Meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month at 2:00 PM

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