Members – The Compliance Committee is comprised of board members and management only.
2023-34 Committee Members
Chair, Karen Bishop
Sandy Riser
Evelyn Thomas
OCA Mgt Liaison: Tracy Richardson
General Manager, Dan Farrar

GOAL: The goal of the Compliance Committee is to never need to convene a Compliance Hearing.

If you feel physically threatened by anyone, call 911.

Contact Numbers
The compliance process only applies in instances when a homeowner, resident, tenant or vendor violates the CC&Rs. Some issues need to be brought to the Oceanside Police Department non-emergency number. A list of local resource numbers is included here.

Meetings are scheduled as Compliance Hearings are needed. Due to confidentiality issues, attendance is restricted to the committee members and invited homeowners.

Compliance Process
To understand the process, please review the 2022 Members and Residents Handbook page referring to Violations.

The process hopefully begins with neighbor-to-neighbor agreement for the peaceful and enjoyable existence in their homes. If that does not work, management begins the process of solving issues. If the management cannot find resolution, the Compliance Committee convenes for a hearing.

Complaint Request
There is absolutely NO action taken as the result of phone calls and/or emails. The process begins with a signed Complaint Request. Anyone may file a request. Please provide as much documentation as possible including photographs of the offending situation.

Every effort is made to keep the name of the complainant confidential within the boundaries of the law. This is achieved when the complaint is substantiated by the management. The complainant should provide as much documentation as possible to assist management in the research of the complaint.

You can read the charter here.