LEARN TO PLAY PICKLEBALL – Register with the Office for training at 4-5pm Fridays (or a time convenient for you) in the Auditorium – dress comfortably, wear court shoes with a good grip. Equipment provided.


The outdoor court, known as “Carol’s Court” in memory of Carol Hanrahan, is open daily from 9am to 4pm. The court is closed when wet and when OCA requests closure because of patio events. Play schedules are shown below. The remaining times are available for approved players either first-come or by reservation. Only Oceana residents and their adult family members are allowed on Carol’s Court. NO exceptions. Only approved paddles may be used on Carol’s Court. Approved paddles are available for loan. Anyone using a non-approved paddle may be banned from using the outdoor court. Also, all players on Carol’s Court must have a completed OCA Liability Waiver on file and a waiver for the outdoor court.



Pickleball games are played in the Clubhouse Auditorium according to the following schedule, except on days the Auditorium is otherwise scheduled. 

If no pickleball player is present 15 minutes after a scheduled start time , that scheduled play period is canceled. This applies to both indoor and outdoor courts.

Open Play (for all skill levels)

Mondays – 2-4 indoor
Tuesdays – 1:30-4 indoor
Fridays – 12:30-4 indoor


Open Play (Advanced Players Only)

Every Day – 9:30-11:30 outdoor


Scheduled Private Games (invitation only)

Sundays – 2:30-4 indoor and 4-6 indoor

All players on the outdoor court MUST be residents or adult family members of residents. NO EXCEPTIONS. The outdoor court is available on a first-come basis for approved pickleball players. To schedule a private game on either or both courts on a repeating basis, please contact Steve Reigle (click here to email).

ALL participants must wear court-safe shoes and have signed a current activity liability waiver. Waiver forms are on the clipboard in the pickleball box in the auditorium. Additionally, all players on the outside court must sign a waiver for that court. Those waivers are in the box in the outdoor equipment locker. Deliver signed waivers to the OCA Office.

When you leave the indoor court be sure all doors are securely latched, and all lights are OFF. For the outdoor court, be sure all provided equipment is placed in the equipment locker and both the locker and the court gate are securely locked. Please police the area, putting all trash, cups, etc., in the proper waste containers, even if that trash was there when you arrived.


Please feel free to drop by and watch us play. Pickleball is a good way for seniors to get good exercise in a fun environment and to make new friends.

For those who would like to learn to play pickleball we can teach you during Open Play or will arrange free private lessons at your convenience, outside of organized game times. Please stop by during our scheduled Open Play games so we can explain the game to you and work out a time that works for you to get on the court and learn to play. Pickleball paddles are available for your use at no charge. Please wear court or gym shoes with good traction. You will not be allowed on the court to play with street shoes or other shoes we deem unsafe. Your safety is important!

For more information contact one of the following persons:

Steve Reigle click to email.

Denny Hanrahan click to email.

Come join the fun!