Exercise Activities


Chair Yoga takes place on Mondays at 10am in the Auditorium. For info: call Peggie Moore (949) 887-4641.

Keep Fit Excercise Class: Bert Nusbaum has designed a great exercise session for ALL AGES. Standing up or sitting down – he has a workout for you. An exercise class takes place in the Clubhouse Auditorium at 8:30-9:00AM, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Info: Don Jones at 760-703-4583

Water Aerobics is an aquatic exercise class for those of you who prefer to have less stress on your joints. Warm water resistance is good for your muscles as well. Jogging in the water during the 45-minute class is equivalent to one lap around the perimeter of Oceana.

For more information call Sue Moore (951) 990-3536 or [email protected].

Water Aerobics and Fitness Schedule

Monday 8-9 am

Wednesday 8-9 am

Friday 8-9 am