SPC Committee


The Facilities Maintenance And Reserve Component  (FMARC) Committee has been renamed the Strategic Planning Committee (RPC).  The Board of Directors share the oversight and management of OCA common areas and buildings.

This committee holds monthly meetings which are open to all residents and reviews the external appearance of the common areas and facilities and reviews and recommends solutions for repairs, replacements and improvements and evaluates the impact on OCA financial reserves.

SPC Charter (July 2021)

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The SPC Committee normally meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 2:30PM in the Clubhouse Card Room. Residents are welcome. Agenda items for the next meeting must be received ten days prior to the meeting.

Committee Members                  

Steven Gillis Chair

Mike Faulkner

Trina Rosa

Peter Cornog  Secretary

Tain Soreboe

Wade Messer


Board Liaisons

Sue Moore 

Kelly Byrne